Dormitory of the WSG university

The WSG University in Bydgoszcz operates a student dormitory on the street of Koszarowa which is in a very convenient location for students to commute to and from the university. It is well furnished with basic necessities and also gives you the opportunity to interact and meet other students from all walks of life and from every part of the world. Enjoy very affordable prices and also a security while in the student dormitory. Get to talk to the dormitory council who can speak English, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian for any problems or requests that you would have while in the dormitory.

Some cool basic facts and benefits about the dormitory;

  • It is located at a very close distance from the university (7min by bus, 15-20min on foot)
  • The dorm is very close to the common shopping mall (Auchan) and has many surrounding shopping centers in its radius
  • Very close to the tram and bus station for you convenient traveling around the city
  • Close the main train station
  • Close to the Main bus station
  • Close to the city center
  • Staff at the dormitory are friendly
  • Internet services are available in the dorm (you just need to get a simple wireless distributer)
  • We have a commonplace for students to cook which is equipped with Microwaves in every kitchen
  • Free Laundry(all you need is just to get your own washing paste and book a time to do your laundry )

Are you wondering about payments?

Well, the University Dormitory management offers both single and double rooms for your own consideration. Single rooms are available upon request.

The charges for shared rooms are 490.00 PLN per month

The charges for single rooms are 560.00.00 PLN per month

Got questions? Mr. Victor Chabota Hanzuki - chabota.hanzuki(at)  will be more than happy to help you!


We are more than ready to host you !!!!

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